Video and images by Alice Gebura

Images honoring the art of the human body.

At the outset my goal was to photograph how visual and performing artists use their bodies to create art - from a dancer creating the remarkable shapes envisioned by a choreographer to a ceramicist's hands forming clay into a beautiful object, to the physicality and emotions of a conductor eliciting a musical interpretation from an orchestra.

When I opened my eyes I found the art of the human body everywhere - in the athletic feats of a circus performer, in the musical phrasing of professional figure skating, in a jazz pianist's hands stretching across a keyboard. As this project progressed I developed a deep reverence for both the creative power of and within the human form and the people who express it in so many astonishing ways.

I shot these images at performance venues during rehearsals and performances, and in art studios. What I found I share with you on this web site. If my photographs evoke for you the richness and expressive power of the human body, then I have succeeded in my own creative work.

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